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Welcome to Guitarsandthat Wiki, the site that has nothing to do with guitars!

Heya! Guitarsandthat Wiki is about all kinds of things to do with MLN (My Lego Network), such as Prize Draws and Walkthroughs, but I am hoping to expand the amount of things and not focus on MLN as much. Hope you like it! Please edit bad mistakes throughout this wiki and continue unfinished walkthroughs with no spamming.

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  • I have set up the S.C.S, where people can be made sigs, free of charge! 19:52, 25/7/10
  • Slowly, the Riddle Rage campaign expands..... 13:49, 26/7/10
  • The third guitar (in my possesion) enters my house and I have LEGO Harry Potter on Wii! 19:45, 27/7/10
  • No-one (so far) dislikes this wiki! 12:05, 28/7/10
  • I will be probably off my wiki tomorrow and I will be in London. 9:59, 29/7/10
  • The Guitar Code is about to be created! 18:23, 31/7/10
  • The Black Knight can now be joined on MLN Wiki! It'll be on this Wiki soon ;) 19:13, 1/8/10
  • This Wiki needs more visitors... 14:15,3/9/10
  • I'm gonna make Lego Harry Potter Wiki! 12:27, 5/8/10
  • And that expands.... 19:44, 6/8/10

(This section for news was thought up by my sister (Kit-kat) and it is on her Wiki as well.)

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If you are a Rank 7/8 and are in need of any Totemic Animals, I am willing to swap, and I need some anyway.

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